Baxter of California

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  • Baxter Daily Face Wash
    Baxter Daily Face Wash for men. This cleanser for men removes excess oil and dirt without taking away vittal moisture. This Face Wash leaves skin looking refreshed.
  • Baxter After Shave Balm
    Baxter After Shave Balm for men. This product is a therapeutic moisturising treatment which soothes and protects skin, reduces shaving irritation and combats serious dryness. A quality product from Baxter.
  • Baxter Facial Scrub
    Baxter Facial Scrub. This product is an exfoliating scrub for men which gently gets rid of impurities and dead surface cells while stimulating skin renewal. Another quality product from Baxter.
  • Baxter Invigorating Body Wash
    Baxter Invigorating Body Wash for men. Hydrating shower gel with Bergamot/Pear scent. This product keeps skin smooth and soft and washes away dirt and debris. A quality shower gel from Baxter.
  • Baxter Oil Free Moisturizer
    Baxter Oil Free Moisturizer for men. This product is a hydrating face lotion for men which helps protect against free radicals and chamomile helps heal delicate facial skin. A quality product even by the high standards of Baxter.