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The Farah brand started in the 1920s but it was not until 1980s UK that Farah Vintage Clothing reached cult status. The clothes came to represent a sense of elitism especially in the music scene while generating respect for those who displayed the now famous "Farah f tab". Today the Farah Vintage Clothing label still holds the heritage it stood for then.
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  1. Farah Jim Half Zip Sweatshirt

    Light Grey Marl
    As low as €64.95
  2. Farah Hawk Chino Twill Shorts

    Light Sand
    As low as €49.95
  3. Farah Zain Organic Cotton Hoodie

    Light Grey Marl
    As low as €75.95
  4. Farah Mission Striped T-Shirt

    Cold Metal
    As low as €45.95
  5. Farah Danny Slim Organic Cotton T-Shirt

    Palisade Pink Marl
    As low as €29.95
  6. Farah Jim Half Zip Sweatshirt

    Pink Lavender
    As low as €64.95
  7. Farah Jim Half Zip Sweatshirt

    Maritime Blue
    As low as €64.95
  8. Farah Drake Stretch Denim Jeans

    Arctic Wash
    As low as €76.95
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